Enriched Air Diver

450 [AUD] Per Head
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Enriched air diving has made the transition from technical/research diving to recreational diving and is now a growing market in its own right. Recreational divers now have the opportunity to utilise the latest equipment technology and diving techniques to enhance their own diving adventure and safety. Divers can now alter their breathing mixtures so as to safely increase their bottom times. Divers can cruise silently through the depths with little to no bubbles to disturb the aquatic life. There are new horizons to be explored.

For instructors, this new technology presents a double opportunity. First, you can bring back some of the adventure in your own personal diving as you move up through the field of technical diving. And second, you can enhance your own career by earning instructor qualifications in the various levels of technical diving. There is a growing demand throughout the South Pacific region for instructors who can teach not only the full range of recreational diving but also the more popular aspects of technical diving.

The Enriched Air Specialty Course is specifically designed for the recreational diver and is now PADI’s most popular specialty. PADI instructors can earn the opportunity to teach this course by attending the two-day Enriched Air Diver Instructor Course.

Prerequisites: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and Enriched Air Diver qualification

Cost: $450.00 (includes tuition, tank/weightbelt, required materials and PADI registration fees)

Duration: 2 days

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