Instructor Preparatory Course

550 [AUD] Per Head
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The Instructor Training Program consists of three distinct components starting with...

The Instructor Preparatory Course (IPC)

This course is designed to prepare an instructor candidate for the Instructor Development Course as well as the real world of dive instruction. The schedule is very flexible to allow for individual needs. Much time is spent upgrading the skills and knowledge from Divemaster level to Instructor level. Depending on need, candidates are assessed and then tutored in Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Diving Skills and Environment, and the Recreational Dive Planner. Much time is also spent in the pool developing demonstration quality skills, and rescue technique.

During the IPC, you will also have the opportunity to break the ice and begin developing the all-important instructional techniques, which are later polished in the Instructor Development Course. These techniques include classroom lecturing and pool training.


A bonus for IPC participants is to earn the PADI Emergency First Response Instructor qualification. This is now a prerequisite for the PADI Instructor Development Course. More importantly, you will be able to conduct the required first aid training for the Rescue Diver, Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Instructor courses, making you a very valuable staff member.

Although an optional course, the IPC has proven to be a very popular course. With the knowledge and skills developed during the IPC, the candidates are able to really focus on their training during the IDC. This allows for more development and at the end of the day, a better instructor.

Prerequisites: PADI Divemaster

Cost: $550.00 (includes tuition, tank/weightbelt, EFRI materials and registration fees)

Duration: 5 days

IP:  Cache: 6/8 - 8:25:45  Current: 6/8 - 8:25:45