Instructor Training

Over the past 15 years the recreational dive industry has grown tremendously. As well, the industry has become more demanding. Today’s successful instructor must be capable of meeting these demands. This requires a continued commitment from the instructor, first to gain the best education possible and then to maintain the edge by growing with the industry through continuing education.

We have made the very some commitment to our instructor training programs. Our IPC and IDC offer you the highest quality educational experience possible. We are constantly working to improve our courses. We will give you the opportunity to be the best. And through our instructor continuing education courses we can offer you the means to maintain that edge and stay abreast of a progressing dive industry.

Our track record speaks for itself…

  • We have successfully trained over 2,000 instructors in Australia and the South Pacific
  • We have a near 100% plus pass rate in the IE with our candidates scoring higher than the national average.
  • Many of our candidates have moved onto successful careers in the diving industry in Australia and overseas.
  • Our programs include training in coral reef conservation as presented by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

The Instructor Training Program consists of three distinct components: the Instructor Preparatory Course, the Instructor Development Course and the Instructor Evaluation.


Instructor Preparatory Course

The Instructor Training Program consists of three distinct components starting with the Instructor Preparatory Course.

This course is designed to prepare an instructor candidate for the Instructor Development Course as well as the real world of dive instruction.

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The Instructor Development Course

The heart of the PADI Instructor Training Program is the Instructor Development Course (IDC).

The ten-day IDC is the heart of the PADI Instructor Training Program. This program consists of two parts, the Assistant Instructor course (AI) and the Open Water Scuba Instructor program (OWSI).

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Instructor Evaluation

The Instructor Evaluation is the last step of the program.

The prerequisite is the successful completion of the PADI IDC within the previous twelve months. The program consists of two days of intensive evaluation of the instructor candidates. The evaluation is carried out by the highly trained Instructor Examiners from PADI Headquarters.

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Administrative Requirements

In preparation for the program, it is best to get on top of the administrative requirements as soon as possible.

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