IDC Staff Instructor

850 [AUD] Per Head
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The IDC Staff Instructor Course is one of the most important steps in the career of a professional diving instructor. There are several major benefits for IDC Staff Instructors: 

  • IDC Staff Instructors are valuable members of the PADI Instructor training team. Staff Instructors are fully capable of lecturing, evaluation, counseling and training
  • instructor candidates alongside the Course Director.
  • The IDC Staff Instructor certification fulfills an important prerequisite for the Master Instructor qualification, PADI’s highest instructor rating.
  • The IDC Staff Instructor qualification will allow you to conduct the d PADI Assistant Instructor Course.
  • The IDC Staff Instructor Course is a great way to polish your own personal knowledge, diving skills and, most importantly, teaching techniques. The course will also provide you with a detailed update on PADI systems, standards and procedures.

To achieve these benefits, the IDC Staff Instructor Course involves four modules run over 10 days:

1. Preassessment of candidate knowledge, water skills and teaching ability.
2. An orientation to PADI IDC policies, procedures and philosophy.
3. Training of the candidate in the skills of objective evaluation.
4. Auditing a complete IDC.

Prerequisites: PADI Master Scuba Diver

Cost: $850.00 (includes tuition, tank/weightbelt and PADI registration fees)

Duration: 10 days

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